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Looks: Formal Ball Uniform

Tonight, Sepherim wears adeep blue and silver formal uniform. On his left shoulder, the insignia of the Amarr Imperial Navy and, under it, his rank and the heraldic shield of the 3rd Imperial Navy Military Intelligence regiment, the "Dogs of War" as the legend says right below it. On his left arm a bracelet can be seen displaying an eye, a traditional emblem of some Military Intelligence units. Two silver cords connect this shoulder to the front, right above his heart, where the medals earned during his service in the Navy are displayed. His right shoulder shows the banner of the Praetoria, together with his rank as a Liuteneant. And, on his front right side, the Order of the Golden Sword earned during his service to the Praetoria. The rest of his clothes show the few other shields of other units he's served in, as well as the university in which he studied, though those are smaller and clearly matter less. Shiny boots cover the bottom of his deep blue and perfect pants with silver stripes.

Personal Diary: June 16th, year 115

After too many days away from the pod and space due to surgery, finally the doctors said I could leave. Well, I left without their full permission, to be precise, but it was the grand ball to commemorate PIE's 10th birthday! I couldn't miss it, that's for sure. I may end up in a wet grave, or maybe doing desk work, but while I am part of the Praetoria and in space, I'm going to use my time the best I can.

So, enough talking about me, it was an eventfull night in the full sense. Admiral Newelle issued a brief speach to congratulate Commander Mirra for his achievements in recruiting, and then left us all stunned as she resigned as head of PIE and gave that position to Admiral Lok'ri. Then Admiral Karetta (yes, Admiral Karetta, the so well renowned Admiral of the Imperial Navy was here, together with a Grand Inquisitor from the Ministry of Internal Order) issued another brief speech to congratulate the Praetoria on its many achievements. Priceless.

And then we got the ball rolling, literally. People danced amarrian formal dances, drank, spoke and had fun in general. I admit I retreated to the doorway, to handle who could and could not enter. If there's something I don't miss about being a high ranking officer, is the politics that follow, saying the right word, and Admiral Lok'ri was practically assaulted by people. Keeping the door was quiet and pleasant enough. A captain Raphael something tried to disrupt that tranquility by treating me like a servant, but he'll get what's coming to him one way or another.

The rest of the night, we had laughs, drinks, people dancing, watching pictures, and drunks. Yes, those too. But I handled them well, I think, both Lucas Raholan and Diana Kim. I tried to make it as less obvious as possible (even faked to be dancing with captain Kim while dragging her to the door, thanks to Divine Commodore Janiah Ardishapur's for his insistence on forcing all his officers to learn to dance appropriately, "for an officer has to be a gentleman as well" as he used to say), and I think I could keep their honour relatively safe... well, maybe captain Kim trying to dock with a stargate publicly is something no one can change or solve.

So, Nicoletta should have saved her last dance for me, but she had a head ache. Women and head aches. But she owes me a dance now. Who knows, I think she likes me, and I may like her as well... in any case, time will tell.

And, meanwhile , halfway across the cluster, it was Federation day and they had a party as well. I hope, sincerily, that there's was as good as ours. We had a little drama, but with so many pod pilots together can't be avoided, and I hope it'll be solved soon through appropriate venues.

In any case, it's been a very long and busy night and I still haven't fully recovered from surgery, so I better head to sleep.

viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Ship Log: Dancing with the Devil

Sepherim's hotel room, recording started
Date: June 1st, year 115
Pilots present: Zsaryna Adrelana, Sepherim

Sepherim presses a button and the door opens. He's sitting with his back to the doorway, checking some things on his datapad
Sepherim > give me a second, I'll be with you in a moment
Zsaryna Adrelana glides into the room, moving so she's in front of Sepherim, padding round and reaching up to the throat of her robe "Well, it's a pleasure as always Sepherim" she says softly, placing her hand upon the datapad in his, she then undoes the clasp of the robe and lets it fall away
Sepherim looks up as the robes fall and grins
Sepherimtaps a quick couple orders on the pad and then closes it and gets up

Sepherim > you look quite lovely in that dress, captain Adrelana
Zsaryna Adrelana smiles "I'm flattered" she whispers gently as she looks down at him. She licks her lips softly "Would you care to sit or remain standing?" Zsaryna asks softly
Sepherim > which would be more appropriate?
Zsaryna Adrelana smiles "Well..." Zsaryna replies "Standing is a more... intimate experience" she blushes "I dance around you and, well there's quite a bit of rubbing and grinding"
Sepherim > then it is settled
Sepherim > though I hope the room is big enough for such a display
Sepherim > or it may get... well... let's say... more physical
Zsaryna Adrelana smiles "You say that like it's a bad thing" Zsaryna replies "it's supposed to be done at close quarters"
Sepherim > not a bad thing, at all
Sepherim > but one is a gentleman, so it has to be pointed out... just in case you want to back off
Sepherim grins
Zsaryna Adrelana licks her lips "okay" she says quietly, stepping closer to him and turning down the lights, her dress glittering slightly as she places her hand upon his chest, right in the middle of his torso. She takes a deep breath
Sepherim nods, smiling
Sepherim watched Zsaryna's clothes with a small grin
Zsaryna Adrelana smiles as the music starts to play, her feet clicking on the floor as the music continues, the slow pulsing drum-beat spreading a broad smile across her face. Her hips whirl as the lights go down and her dress flashes and flickers
Sepherim pays some attention to the music, but little
Zsaryna's body undulates beneath the light, glitter spangled across her belly as she whirls through the music. Her hand reaches up and gently traces its way down his chest, a coy smile curling at the corners of her lips

Sepherim resists the urge to touch her back, just smiling in his place
Zsaryna Adrelana chuckles and slides away, stepping back and raising in a flowing spin, whirling on her tiptoes. Her dress whirls up, giving him a glance of thigh and leg and backside. Zsaryna continues to move as the rhythm pounds its way though her like a drum
Sepherim nods slightly to the rythm of the music
Zsaryna Adrelana eases in closer, slowly wrapping her arms around him in a gentle hug, her hips grinding slightly against his body
"You enjoying this?" she asks softlySepherim > too much, I'd say
Sepherim grins to her, still stoic
Zsaryna Adrelana blushes
"Sorry" she says softly, stepping back from him and continue to danceSepherim > you have nothing to apologize, at all
Sepherim nods, looking to her in the eye
Zsaryna Adrelana blushes and nods and then continues to move, sweat glittering upon her skin as she moves through the positions and then she reaches up, drawing her hands back down her belly in a slow seductive movement
Sepherim crosses his hands behind him, the only kind of movement he can concede himself
Zsaryna Adrelana > The dance reaches a creschendo and Zsaryna leans back, her body arching back in a bridge, leaning back, before snapping back up again into standing
Sepherim draws in a breath as he sees her body curve before him, elastically, almost without effort, and only releases it as she snaps back into verticality
Zsaryna Adrelana stands before him, shaking and panting as the music slowly fades, her clothing sticking to herself. She smiles at him, her clothing almost transparent, giving him a faint glimpse of the darkened patches of skin, of her nipples
Sepherim tries to focus on her face, noticing twin drops of sweat running down from the antennas on his forehead to his chin
Sepherim remains silent, not to interrupt her in case the dancing isn't over
Zsaryna Adrelana glances at his sweaty face and smiles as she sweeps over to him
"Well did you enjoy that?" she asks softly, placing her hand upon his chin. A broad smile is on her face, her body shaking slightly from adrenalineSepherim > It was... more than interesting, yes
Sepherim > is this a dance your people do often?
Zsaryna Adrelana chuckles "not often" she replies "The Amarrians dislikes it, as I'm sure you can understand"
Sepherim > yes, I can, it's not too... appropriate
Sepherim > for amarrian cultural standards of... modesty
Zsaryna Adrelana glances down and chuckles "yeah" she replies softly as she lifts her hands to cover her chest "You don't mind right?" she asks, flopping down next to him
Sepherim > I'm a ni-kunni, not an amarrian... we're not so uptight unless the situation requires it
Sepherim > we do have limits and lines not to cross, but they are not so easy to crash against
Zsaryna Adrelana nods "true enough" she replies softly "my lines are rather... further than yours" she repliesSepherim > yes, I imagine so
Sepherim grins, looking her over
Sepherim > it can be dangerous...
Zsaryna Adrelana glances down "oh?" she asks gently
Zsaryna Adrelana reaches out and gently runs a hand along his thigh
Sepherim > going to play the innocent girl now?
Sepherim tenses up a bit at her contact
Zsaryna Adrelana smirks "no" she replies quietly "and... danger... is something I'm rather too used to for my own good" she says softly, feeling him tensing up "Would you like me to stop?" she asks quietly
Sepherim > no, I wouldn't like it, but I probably will have to ask it nonetheless soon
Sepherim > outside of a man, I'm also a Praetorian, and there are lines I can't cross, not with you unfortunately
Sepherim's voice is a tad lower than usual
Zsaryna Adrelana tilts her head "Who do you think made sex so good?" Zsaryna asks "if God meant for us not to enjoy it... he wouldn't have made it feel so good" Zsaryna says gently
Sepherim > yes, indeed, but I am a Praetorian, there are things I can't do with certain people
Sepherim > and, unfortunately, you returned to your pirate ways. I can't have this sort of relations with you, it could open dangerous roads
Sepherim > and has already cost the rank and position of one Praetorian a few months ago
Sepherim > we have to be... perfect
Sepherim > so, as much as I may like, I can only watch, never actually do anything or let the relation go beyond that
Sepherim looks saddened
Zsaryna Adrelana nods "I see" Zsaryna withdraws her hand "I'm sorry" she looks a little confused for a moment before she smiles slightly
Zsaryna Adrelana > "Well... what can I say" she says at last "obviously you are a man of conviction and I'm not going to ask you to break them"
Sepherim > don't be sorry... it was wonderful
Sepherim > and I thank you for it, for the fiction, for the minutes to think everything could be otherwise... normal
Sepherim bows to her, gracefully, with a sad smile
Zsaryna Adrelana nods "I see... in a way I'm flattered, most men would be crawling all over me at this point" she smiles gently and squeezes his hand "Well... I'm not a pirate Seph, I kill things but I'm not a pirate"
Sepherim > you are not a loyalist, either
Sepherim > and believe me, were circumstances different, I would've barely let you finish your dance before kissing you
Zsaryna Adrelana looks up at him "many forms of loyalty Sepherim" she says softly "I've spent time in Imperial prisons... been visited by the worst horrors man knows how to inflict and visited them in turn... but my loyalty is to Amarr... if it is not overt"
Sepherim nods
Sepherim > I can understand, I can relate to those horrors and know they exist but you know the Amarr... too often, what matters is what things look like, not the depths behind them
Sepherim > and, for each thing, there is a rule
Sepherim notices the silence in the air
Zsaryna Adrelana nods "of course, I understand" she says gently, "I look like a pirate on the outside, I dance like a pirate and suck like a pirate so... it's unlikely I'm a paladin inside" Zsaryna says after a second
Sepherim nods
Sepherim > I'm sorry, I really am. I've been wishing and looking for ways to make it possible with each of your turns, and thinking about not caring, on nobody knowing with each of your twists
Sepherim > but, in the end, I know, and that is more than I can bare
Sepherim > I can't fail twice
Zsaryna Adrelana sighs "of course" Zsaryna says tenderly "I understand, Sepherim, friend of whores and heretics" she smiles quietly "and people would care... you're PIE and I'm not" She licks her lips quietly "I... I don't mean to cause you trouble or a crisis of faith"
Sepherim smiles
Sepherim > you've given me something of yourself, so I'll trust you with something as valuable of mine
Sepherim > my faith is long gone, and that's something only you know now
Sepherim smiles to her, a strange smile
Zsaryna Adrelana nods slowly "I'm sorry" she says gently "I... hope you can find peace some day" she says sadly "Naturally, this will be only between you and me" she says, her voice very tentative and small
Sepherim > there are many ways to find peace, seeing you dance can be one
Sepherim > to remember us all the price we pay, but also the human that lies behind the mask
Sepherim looks saddened
Zsaryna Adrelana smiles "Well... I'd be happy to dance for you some more then, some other time if you want?" Zsaryna offers
Sepherim > it would be a honor
Zsaryna Adrelana > "Sure I would love to dance for you again" Zsaryna says quietly "And yes... we must always remember we are all human beneath these masks of pirate and loyalist and chicken pie"
Sepherim smiles at her joke of chicken pie
Sepherim > I'd be honored
Sepherim > ... to say the least
Zsaryna Adrelana nods "brilliant" Zsaryna replies "I shall dance for you some more, sometime" Zsaryna says softly "not now because I;'m worn out"
Sepherim > indeed, and you have to be at your best
Sepherim winks
Sepherim > you know where my hotel room is, and you're invited to visit whenever you may like
Sepherim > to dance, or whatever you may like
Sepherim > ... except those things
Zsaryna Adrelana > "I plan to be" Zsaryna replies, licking her lips slightly as she relaxes against him "and yes... I understand" Zsaryna replies softly
Sepherim caresses her hair gently, smelling her
Zsaryna Adrelana gasps softly "mmm... that's nice" Zsaryna whispers quietly
Sepherim > yes it is
Sepherim smiles, distantly, feeling her softly pressing against him
Zsaryna Adrelana licks her lips "no one need know Sepherim" she says gently "I have no one to tell and I wouldn't do that to you anyway"
Sepherim > I know, but I would know... and that's more that can be
Zsaryna Adrelana nods "I see" she says softly, leaning against him and closing her eyes "fair enough" she chuckles softly and strokes his arm
Sepherim presses her softly against him for a few seconds, draws in a deep breath trying to hold her essence, and then lets her go
Sepherim > my lady, it's been a rare and deep pleasure
Sepherim bows to kiss her hand
Zsaryna Adrelana blushes as he kisses her hand "thank you... the pleasure was mutual Sepherim" Zsaryna replies tenderly "it's been amazing... and I'm only sorry I can't make you happy... but that's fine"
Sepherim > you already have, in a way, I hope not to have dissapointed you too much
Zsaryna Adrelana shakes her head "no... you haven't" Zsaryna says tenderly
Sepherim smiles to her, a warm smile
Sepherim > then, I believe it is time to part ways for tonight
Zsaryna Adrelana nods "for tonight, but it would be nice to drink again sometime" Zsaryna says softly, bowing her head and rising to her feet
Sepherim > indeed, I hope we can arrange to do it soon then
Zsaryna Adrelana nods "of course" she replies gently as she gathers up her things and heads for the exit "until next time... peace be upon you"
Sepherim > and on you, my dear
Sepherim walks with her to the door of the hotel room
Zsaryna Adrelana turns and smiles at him before leaning in and quickly kissing his cheek and giggling
Sepherim smiles to her, mischeviously

Sepherim > now don't you like to break the rules...
Sepherim grins
Zsaryna Adrelana nods "you can't tell me you mind" she whispers and then turns around and sashays out into the darkness
Sepherim smiles as he sees the door close behind her
Sepherim > recording finished, encrypt, file duplicate in the usual safespots, erase from databank

Recording stopped.

jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

Personal Diary: May 24th, year 115

Today I botched up. I misread the fitting of my ship and misused it completely in a massive battle. I'm not guilty that we lost the battle, one doesn't make such an inmense difference in such a big combat, but I didn't add as much as I could to our side. And, in the end, the Minmatarr still hold Arzad.

It's curious, so many years after the last time I fought in such a battle, the number of things you can forget. I can plex a point with my eyes shut, and explain how it works to anyone with more or less exact details (got a few things wrong but minor things). And yet, when it comes to battle, so much has gone out of my memory. I guess it's more full of details, of small things to remember, and those are the first to leave. I've re-gathered most of the details of frigate combat, and small sized engagement... but big ones, with cruisers and up, those are still away.

Guess the more reason to focus and keep working on re-learning so I can be useful.

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

Personal Diary: May 20th, year 115

Today we had the first of the celebrations of the 10 years of PIE, with a parade right before the Imperial Family station in Amarr Prime, and an interesting speech by Commander Mirra. It was good to do again something like that, I admit I hand't realized how much I miss some of the bond creating events the Imperial Navy had. The Praetoria is very good, but in a way, all the members are much more independent, losely connected, than the tight fist the Navy is. Not saying it's good or bad, just different, and I guess I'm too used to the old ways, even in things I don't realize.

As another note, I've been officially made Recruitment Officer. And have started to produce Navy Omens to fund my efforts in the frontlines thanks to the loyalty points. So, good news indeed.

martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Personal Diary: may 15th, year 115

It's not a common thing that one gets to do history, and even rarer to do so in a corporation with the long bagage of veteran and expert captains as has PIE. But I did today. I was the first pilot in PIE history to actually assist the ground troops PIE had deployed to battle in Sifilar. I killed three targets from my position in orbit, and the battle ended in a victory for the amarrian side. And here I just wanted to learn how it's done, as I had never participated in tactical bombing raids over planets before.

Besides that, my clearance as a recruitment officer inside PIE has been increased. Must be doing things right there as well.

As it stands, things are looking good. And after the past few days gone by, I have almost the whole operation to verify the data Adrelana gave me ready. I'm not sure I'm going to like what I find.

miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

Personal Diary: May 8th, year 115

Karin Midular, ex-leader of the Minmatarr Repubic, has died after the attempt on her life in Gallente space. And with her, the last great voice for reason and peace in the cluster is gone. Emperors, megacorporation leaders... all voices looking to create a neutral ground have been destroyed, deposed, set aside. Specially elsewhere, our Empress still has shown to be willing to compromise and seek neutral grounds. But, what does one voice alone matter, if all that remains to debate with are violent and hating peoples?

Soon, they'll give the most war-favourables in the Empire the reasons they need to press for a deeper implication in the war. And with it, the Navy... and the Praetoria... will once again be thrown into the fire. Like lifes that don't matter, only the goal. Don't hold me wrong, I do favor war and I believe in the sacrifices it implies... when it is for a just cause, and with a just calling. But if it's the result of the pressure of the extremists, can it really be fair?

But, as days go by, darkness seems to fall over the whole cluster. Not 24 hours had Karin Midular been dead that the Minmatarr Republic decided to invade the Gallente Federation (their allies) in order to obtain the suppossed killer by force. They failed, but this opens a dirty and complicated wound. And if Maleatu Shakor is willing to give such an order to his Republic Navy, what wouldn't he order to do if the smallest reason was given by the Caldari State? We already know what he did as soon as he could with the Empire...

Dark times ahead. Dark indeed. And sometimes, alone in bed when my random companion is gone, I can't help but wonder if I have the strength to endure it once again. I see the Liuteneant badge on my Praetorian uniform, and love and hate it at the same time. We will be thrown in the fire, and we will have to march into it head on. No matter the cost, no matter the reasons.

Many are lighting the torches, and preparing the wood. But others will be the ones sacrificed on the galactic bonfires. And, meanwhile, the Sabik remain happily inside our borders, the Nation threatens all, the pirate alliances control large amounts of planetary systems, etc.

Dark times indeed.